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Paying Less Matters


Based in Portland, Oregon - we provide the exact same conventional products as the banks and credit unions. Generally, every lender in the mortgage business has the same access for interest rates. Some just choose to make more by charging more in rates and fees. No one should have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for a home loan.


Just ask our frustrated competitors, our mission is to keep each and every dollar possible in your bank account rather than going toward unnecessary interest payments or irrelevant fees. We get your loan done right, and get it done right now.  Speed matters. But you don't need to ride a rocket to get it done quickly.


Eric Simantel, Tina Livengood, David McCarthy, Renee Schmidt, Tiffany Mock, the rest of the loan production and underwriting team; every single one of us live in the Portland Metro Area.

While the office is in the Hollywood District of Portland (you've probably seen our sign off I-84), we work and have meetings according to your schedule and your flexibility.  We have had meeting with clients every where from their work to our office, their home to our home, at date night, or even a jaunt on over to Mo's in Cannon Beach!  What makes Rock Creek Mortgage different is that we have the power of Directors Mortgage behind us, we work at your pace, and teach you about any potential road bumps out on the horizon - even if you just need a second pair of eyes while working with a different lender.  


In Oregon, Washington, and California there are literally hundreds of banks and mortgage lenders peppering you with their advertisements each and every day. Our goal is to quiet the noise, simplify, and be your ambassador. We work for you.  Thank you for choosing us.

Buying a Home? Get the Direct Advantage Pre-approval Letter

 We offer peace of mind with a $5,000 earnest money guarantee when you are issued a Direct Advantage Pre-approval Letter.  Why is this important?  When buying a home - the most qualified offer usually wins the bidding war.  Putting a non-refundable earnest money clause in the contract lets your offer stand out and puts you in a position of strength that won't be found elsewhere.


If we issue a Direct Advantage Pre-approval Letter and cannot close the loan due to financing complications, Directors Mortgage will refund 100% of the non-refundable earnest money up to $5000.


  • Unexpected Changes to Credit
  • Unforeseen Job Termination
  • Appraisal that does not make value and parties are not able to come to terms
  • Unexpected judgments that may arise

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Home Mortgages and Refinances

We purposely don't post rates here on the website.  You can probably imagine why.  Every lending situation is different.  All of us have seen or heard those commercials with low rates - and then the very teeny tiny fine print saying that only the ultra wealthy and those with perfect credit would qualify.  If you get in touch with us, I promise we will provide something that will make those banks, credit unions, and national mortgage companies blush.  

And if we can't we'll tell you upfront.  No bait and switch advertising here.  

We have the following loan types:

  • 30, 20, and 15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Conforming Loans
  • Jumbo Loans
  • First Time Home Buyer Programs
  • FHA Loans
  • VA Loans
  • USDA Loans
  • Non-QM Mortgages for challenged borrowers
  • Primary, Investment and 2nd Home Loan expertise
  • Licensed in Oregon, Washington, and California

About US

Eric Simantel, MBA - Lead Mortgage Specialist NMLS 1889183

Best Mortgage Company in Portland, Oregon.  Best Home Loan in Beaverton, Oregon.  Hillsboro Mortgage

National companies beware!  Born in Oregon, with 5 family members in the industry, and with a '02 MBA from the University of Oregon - he is out to prove that local matters.  We are far superior to the bigger banks with more transparency, effort, and grit.  Married to his wonderful wife, Michele, with two children they all live in the community of Rock Creek, Oregon (just minutes west of Portland).  Go Ducks!

David McCarthy - Production Coordinator



Married to his husband Russ, David is the first person in the office each day - and usually one of the last to leave. He is fantastic at what he does, and with decades of experience - he has seen virtually every loan scenario and can problem solve through any road bump.

Renee Schmidt - Production Coordinator


Renee is the 'i' dotter and 't' crosser on the team! Some of her greatest strengths over the years have been her attention to detail, organization, and courtesy throughout each interaction during the day. 


Helping clients through the home buying process has been incredibly rewarding and she truly enjoy the nature of our industry. 

Tiffany Mock - Loan Processor

Rock Creek Mortgage Loan Processor Tiffany Mock

An avid exercise enthusiast, mother, and wife to one of Oregon's finest Policemen, Tiffany is the last step prior to your loan being sent to our underwriting department for final approval. 

It's her job to make sure that every single detail is thought of and covered prior to funding.

Tina Livengood - Receptionist

Tina Livengood Rock Creek Mortage Receptionist Portland, Oregon


Our wonderful receptionist! She is usually the first friendly voice that you hear when you call! Tina is a part of the nucleus that makes this a family atmosphere. She cares and it shows!

A Division of Directors Mortgage

Best Mortgage Company in Portland Oregon

With the power of Director Mortgage and their access to various brokered lines supporting us - you know that when we come to bat for you, we'll be swinging harder than the other guys. Directors Mortgage is the largest independently owned mortgage company throughout Oregon and Washington

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If you have DropBox, you can download your own Mortgage Calculator excel spreadsheet here.  No more trying to find a website!  This excel sheet includes input options for Property Taxes, Home Owners Insurance, Mortgage Insurance, and HOAs.  Find out what your REAL monthly payment will be!